Negative Ionic Mineral Drops

$89.00 Includes tax

Introducing Mineral drops that restore YOUTH…lessen wrinkles, smooth large pores, lengthen lashes, brows and hair-FAST, tighten sagging skin including Jowls…Plus SO much More… & beautify from the inside out…


Nature’s Miracle…You Can’t Live Without!

You’ve heard about them….You know they are THE MAGIC of YOUTH & Health…. & You Know –  Negatively Charged Ionic Minerals are RARE!!!  And it’s the ONLY formula that WORKS!

It’s EASY… use drops under your tongue morning and evening….making sure not to eat or drink for a minimum for 15 minutes before or after taking them.  Best results are seen in 4 months!!!!  Get ready to believe in MAGIC again!!!

When ordering these mineral drops specify the types of drops that you are ordering.  These will take a couple of weeks to ship as they are RARE, made on a small scale to keep the ions negatively charged, and are imported from another country!  Be patient…it will be the best thing that’s EVER happened to you.  These drops last 1- 2 months depending on your weight and how many people are stealing them from you when you aren’t looking. 🙂

  1.  Geriatric Formula… staple blend with many of the minerals combined.  Works well with Skin Formula and Melenge  This formula is named for its ability to help the elderly but is a product that everyone should be using.  This is a great product to reduce recovery time for athletes.  Together with the skin formula I have personally seen miracles on my face with wrinkle reduction, tighter skin on my face, neck and jowls,  smoother pores, my eyelashes and brows have filled in, my hair is thicker (of course I’m using Rescue Naturals zero toxic shampoos and conditioners.
  2. Skin Formula … staple blend with many of the minerals combined works well with Geriatric formula and Melenge.  I’ve used in combination with the Geriatric formula to achieve all of the miracles mentioned above.
  3. Melenge Formula staple blend with many of the minerals.  Works well with Geriatric and Skin Formula…it completes the missing minerals that hadn’t been included in the Skin & Geriatric Formulas
  4. Weightloss Formula
  5. Iodine Formula

TO PLACE YOUR ORDER:  Add to cart the amount of bottles that you are purchasing… You MUST specify in the notes which Formulas you are requesting.  By purchasing this product, you are acknowledging that we recommend for you to see your physician and get his recommendation before taking any product from Rescue Naturals.

The opinions of the Mineral drops functions have not been reviewed by the FDA thus, can only be used for educational purposes as they are NOT to diagnose or treat any illness or disease. ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN BEFORE TAKING THIS AND ANY NATURAL SUBSTANCES.

Doses:  One drop for every 50 lbs of body weightk, take 2 times daily, under the tongue and held there for 60 seconds then swallowed.  This should be taken at least 15 minutes before or after eating or drinking.




Also know as Negative Ion Mineral Salts, Negative Ion Tissue Salts, Negative Ion Cell salts


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