Start Your Routine with Maximum Hydration! Mild UV, Radiation, Oxidation Protection

For Face, Body & Hair…Universal

  • For Skin Care Use As:
  1. Moisturizer
  2. Anti-irritant
  3. Collagen promotion
  4. Elasticity improvement
  5. Maintains hydration / prevents water loss
  6. Protection from oxidative stress
  7. AHA activity enhancement
  • For Hair Care Use As:
  1. Hydration & Nutrient Rich Formula
  2. Mild gel-like effect
  3. Moisturizer
  4. Shine enhancement
  5. Scalp protection
  6. Conditioner
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Face/Skin: Anytime! Gives you that dewy, healthy glow. Can be used during and after all skin care procedures for relief of irritation and/or dryness. Saves $$$. Gives your lotions and moisturizers a boost without having to reapply. For your best results apply before gels, lotions, moisturizers or HydraLock. Lotions & Oils can lock in dryness unless you begin every routine with nutrient-rich HydraMist.  Non-toxic. Hydrate skin often and you’ll quickly see the HydraMist difference!

(Use your HydraMist often…upon waking up, to combat dry hair affects from the super absorption of cotton sheets. Use before bedtime to hydrate prior to lying on your cotton pillow cases. Use it after each wash to add a layer of hair protection before your gels and after styling to alleviate frizzy, fly-away hair).

Hair  Uses: Before hair gel or before restyling.  Use HydraMist instead of gel!  Creates manageability, clumps curls, calms frizz, smooths, hydrates, volumizes.


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