HydraLock Serum – All Day/All Night Wear


  • Face, Lips, Body & Hair… Universal
  • Advanced Face & Body Water Retention While You Sleep
  • Anti-Aging
  • Helps to add slip during a facial or body procedure
  • Soothes Skin After A Procedure Or Sunburn
  • Excellent barrier to use after HydraMist & Derma Serum (High-Performance Hyaluronic Acid)
  • Non-Greasy Formula (Super Absorption)


Nature’s ONE Drop Miracle…You Can’t Live Without!

For Face, Lips & Body Application 

The last step in your night-time facial routine is our Hydralock Vegan Squalane!  If you know anthing about squalane there is absolutely no better ingredient that can transform your skin and hair.  Most brands have a few drops of squalane and charge over $100.  Our product is over 50% pure, vegan squalane.  You wont believe the difference in the silky, powdery feel of your skin.  Step 1:  HydraMist to add moisture & nutrients. (Shake Well)  Step 2:   Add High-Performance Derma Serum + Vitamin E for moisture, collagen support, and improve elasticity.  (Shake Well)  Step 3:  Any other all-natural ingredients that will add benefit to your skin.  Last Step:  Add HydraLock Balm to create a superior barrier and lock all of the beneficial ingredients into your skin for the night.  Wake up with a refreshed face.  These steps eliminate sallow and unhealthy looking morning dryness and gives you a youthful glow.


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