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Dandruff & Frizz-Free Crème Cleanser

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FoDandruffFree & Dry Hair
One of our salon-quality, natural, cleansing conditioning shampoos designed to nourish and repair the hair with botanical extracts, and nutrients, while also offering smoothnesslustredamage repair and damage control.


Absolutely The Best!

 Rescue Naturals Dandruff & Frizz Free Crème Cleanser is designed, specifically, for use as a non-foaming hair cleanser, without the use of surfactants. We’ve used plant based ingredients to offer gentle cleansing of the hair, which also prevents build up to keep your hair clean, fresh, and bouncy. We’ve also included a combination of hair loving botanicals and nutrients for enhanced conditioning and hair repair, and a combination of carrier oils, specifically chosen for their ability to fight dandruff and to create healthy, smooth, manageable hair for those with persistently dry hair(Don’t forget to use your HydraMist often…upon waking up, to combat dry hair affects from the super absorption of cotton sheets. Use before bedtime to hydrate prior to lying on your cotton pillow cases. Use it after each wash to add a layer of hair protection before your gels and after styling to alleviate frizzy, fly-away hair).
  •  Babassu and Avocado Oils ♦ Advanced Moisture Builders to Minimize Breakage and Frizz
  •  Panthenol (ProVitamin B5) and Creatine ♦ Repair Damage, Add Lustre and Volume
  •  Aloe and Quinoa ♦ Nourish and Protect the Cuticle for Damage Repair and Shine
  •  Botanical Extracts ♦ Condition and Moisturize Hair and Scalp
  •  Propanediol (corn) ♦ Advanced Hydration and Silkiness. An All Natural Alternative to propylene glycol.
  •  Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate ♦ is a natural, food grade, anionic surfactant derived from fatty acids and amino acids. It cleans hair, it’s non-stripping, yet removes ProGrowth Scalp Treatment. It increases Body, suppleness, sheen, improves texture,and even repairs damaged hair. It prevents Build Up with Gentle Cleansing. (This natural surfactant is one of the oldest cleansing agents and has been used in dental hygiene since the original production of toothpaste).
  •  OliveWax ♦ Manageability and smooth, easy comb-out
  •  Broccoli Seed Oil ♦ Shine and Lustre


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