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Do I have to use all 3 products of the ProGrowth Hairline to help my hair to Grow?

It is NOT necessary to use all 3 products.  The ProGrowth Shampoo & Conditioner are infused with hair stimulating botanicals that can help promote hair growth.   Together, they cleanse gently and add a layer of moisture and protection to the hair without the harsh toxins of unnatural hair products.  Using the Scalp Treatment alone will get you results!  For the fastest results and the healthiest hair, use the  entire ProGrowth hair line.  If you’ve searched the world over to find answers to your thinning hair, relax, you’ve found the answer!

How often do I use Rescue Naturals Scalp Treatment?

Use a minimum of 3 times per week but can be used daily.

How do I use the treatment?

Important! Shake product well.  Exfoliate your scalp by brushing it without damaging any hair. Apply RN Scalp Treatment.  Massage into scalp for 2 minutes and allow it to remain on scalp at least 30 minutes to an hour.  (The scalp treatment can be applied before bed time but the oil will stain pillow case or other clothing.)

How long before I see results?

This depends… if you take a quick before photo, you’ll be able to see the smallest of changes by zooming in and looking at the edges of the thinning area beginning to fill in.  You should start to see this area thickening up within the 4th to 5th month of use.  The crown of your head will show results first and the front area will take the longest.  If you’re able to see baby-fine peach fuzz when the sun is shinning on your scalp, that will return to almost normal hair.  The areas where there isn’t fuzz, will probably not return.  The sooner you begin to fix a problem the better.  It will prevent you from future hair loss.

Is it natural?

Yes.  It’s 100% plant-based.  We didn’t even use chemicals to keep the products from separating so it will take a little effort on your part to keep our products chemical-free… All you have to do is shake products well, each time, prior to using them.  (This isn’t necessary for the Dandruff-Free Creme cleanser or any of the conditioners.)

Can I use microneedling or a derma-roller on my scalp to open my pores before applying Scalp Treatment?

Yes.  This will help to grow even more hair!  We highly recommend using a microneedle (or a derma-roller).

Rescue Naturals also has derm-roller serum to apply to the face during and after using your derma-roller or any other skin care procedures.  This product consist of a high performance Hyaluronic acid.  Bar none the best on the market.  This helps to reduce recovery  time up to 75%.

Do you need to use the Shampoo & Conditioner?

Yes… our shampoo and conditioner both contain hair stimulating factors that will contribute to the growth and health of your hair.  All of the many chemicals in store-brand shampoo is killing our hair slowly.  The chemicals in our hair products, the toxins from water and our environment have poisoned the hair over time causing it to shrivel and reduce in size…  Our shampoo is 100% plant based and doesnt strip the hair of it’s natural oils.  The molecules are large enough that it doesnt enter the hair and strip it’s internal oil.  It remains on the outside and perfectly removes the scalp treatment.  Our conditioner adds the perfect amount of protection and moisture without weighing down your hair.  It will make it look thicker, smooth the hair,  eliminate frizz, add create a massive amount of shine after the first wash.  Keeping your hair moisturized is important… anything that is dehydrated or dry will shrivel up and this will cause your hair to fall from the scalp.

Is there anyone who will not see Results?

We have noticed that those who have waited too long, where no peach fuzz is able to grow (the tiniest of hair that you can only see in the sunlight) it will not return to those areas unless you use other methods.  Once the skin has thickened and covered the pores, you will have to use a Derma roller AKA Microneedle to open the pores obtain a prescription of Retin-A from your doctor.  Retin-A will begin to exfoliate layers of skin and will help the ProGrowth Scalp Treatment to reach the hair follicles and allow it to grow again.    (We are in the process of getting a generic non-prescription form of Retin-A to offer you on our site.)

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